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This was the email that I placed on the feline-cancer@yahoogroups.com on October 1, 2005 just after Tiger had passed away and the responses to Tiger's passing.

Hello All,
My heart aches tonight for my wonderful 14.5 year old pet and companion, Tiger. Tiger passed on earlier tonight after 5 weeks of fighting against lung cancer. She was very brave during the whole ordeal and she will be sadly missed by me and her sibling Bo. I want to thank all who offered help to me during this trying time. God bless!!

Dear Mike,
I am sorry to hear that Tiger has left you and Bo. Saying goodbye is so dreadfully difficult even when we know that they have to go. Words are so inadequate at a time like this, but know that you are in our thoughts. Tiger was lucky to have such a caring friend to the end.
Special hugs to little Bo
Mike and Bo- I am so sorry that Tiger has gone on ahead to the bridge. Know in your hearts that she is just waiting for you there..well and whole again. I know this is such a difficult time for you-please take care.
Dear Mike,
Many prayers and thoughts go out to you during this difficult time. I know we just laid our darling Rebel to rest on Tuesday. They are free, Mike, free to run and chase and do all those crazy things. Rebel was 17.5 on Tuesday - it is never easy and his brother Yankee and the rest of us take it day by day. God bless you, Bo and Tiger who now watches from above.
Patti, Greg, Paige, Yankee and Rebel who watches over us from above
I'm so sorry and shocked to hear about Tiger. Please forgive me for not being there when you needed it. I know how much you love her. My thoughts & prayers are with you.
I am so sorry you lost your dear Tiger. I know how you feel. I hope you have many happy memories of your precious friend. With deepest sympathy,
Pam and Susie missing Angels J.D., Sarah Jane and Baby
- I am so sorry. My 14 yr old Abyssinian, Russula, is three weeks out from her diagnosis of lung cancer, and I know we have very little time left. Perhaps Tiger will keep an eye out for her at the Bridge.
Best wishes and true sympathy -- Julie Stielstra & Russula
Hi Mike,
I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and your beloved Tiger. It seems so unfair that our pets have to pass on so young. My Dagwood was 16 when he passed away yesterday and I'm so grateful to have all of those years together. I hope Dagwood and Tiger are making friends right now!
Best wishes,
Mike I was sorry to hear about your sweet little Tiger. Have a safe trip to the rainbow bridge Tiger. God's blessings to you Mike and Bo. Take care.
Dalene, Maggie, Opie, Macaulay, Broady, Angels Muffet, Katie, Milo and Macy
I'm so sorry to hear of Tiger's passing. You are in my thoughts.
We know how much Tiger meant to you and how hard this must be for you now.
Love, Helen, Mittens & Boomer
Jenn & Riley
Robin, Jonathan, Mickey & Emma
Darlene & Chyna
You're in my thoughts...today and always. I'm sorry for the loss of your little girl TIGER.
Love, Robin
Mike I am so sorry about Tiger.... she definitely was a sweet kitty and I will miss her. I know you and Bo will miss her terribly. She lived a great life with a great daddy ;-) If you need anything or need someone to talk with or need some company please do not hesitate to call me seriously Mike I mean that.
Love Erin
Dear Uncle Mike,
We are so sorry about Tiger. Thank you for sending us the picture. We can add it to Muffin's that we have as our wall paper. I know this is a sad time, but now she is back with her brother.
We are thinking of you.
Love always,
Rob and Dana
So sorry to learn of the departing of your special friend, Tiger to kitty heaven. Hugs Mike.
Love ya
Sorry to hear about Tiger...she lived a great life.
Michael - I'm so sorry. I really didn't think it would be this soon. You wrote a beautiful obituary for her - God loves her and you. Try and have a good birthday tomorrow
Mikey & Bo,
I'm so sorry about the passing of Tiger. I know how much you both loved her. The web site you set up is a great tribute to a loyal companion. Let the memories of the times you all shared comfort you in this hard time. I've enclosed a copy of the poem The Rainbow Bridge. It was very helpful to me when K.C. passed. If you need anything, please call me!
Love, Jenn
Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Tiger. May it comfort you to know I'm here for you.
Love, Darlene
I'am so sorry to hear of Tigers passing. I know how hard it is. May you find comfort in all the beautiful memories, and in remembering how much happiness and joy Tiger brought into your life. I know this birthday will be a sad one for you but I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts today. Take Care.
I thought you might like a picture of me to cheer you up :)
Love, Ava
Hi Mike,
So very sorry that you have lost your companion and friend of 15 years. Tiger will always be in your heart in a special place. I know how difficult it is to say good-bye to such a beloved pet. My sincerest sympathy on your loss.
We are all so sad about Tiger
Garry, Mike, Marci, Mary, Sue, Kris, Cathy, Donna, Lisa, Diane (Portsmouth Veterinary Clinic)
With our deepest sympathy on the loss of your pet. The pawprints left on your heart will never be forgotten.
Your sadness is shared.
The Staff at the Potter League
Our Sympathy
Dr. Patricia Ader and Staff of Animal Care Services

The following are tributes after placing Tiger's pictures and obituary on the feline-cancer@yahoogroups.com and sending out emails to family and friends.

What a fantastic tribute to Tiger, Mike! I'll bet that you two made a great team and that she loved and appreciated you with all of her heart. What a beautiful girl she was! Hugs,
Nancy, Angel Abigail, and Tigger

She was a beautiful baby -- thanks for sharing. I have two grey tigers, one orange and white Maine Coon and a big buff color boy. Take care,
Dalene, Maggie, Opie, Macaulay, Broady, Angels Muffet, Katie, Milo and Macy
- Thanks for sharing the pictures of Tiger. What a pretty girl - she could be my Dagwood's twin (except that Dagwood was very very skinny near the end - even his hip bones stuck out). I hope you are feeling better today than yesterday. It comes in waves for me. Mostly I just feel really lonely and my regular routine just depresses me. I don't have to go home to check on DW or feed him anymore. It's just a heartache.
I can't remember, but is Bo still with you? If so please give him an extra hug.
Oh my gosh, Tiger looks identical to my Bud, who is now 16 years old and failing. He has been with me since he was a tiny little thing and your pictures of Tiger just took my breath away when I saw them. I look at Bud every night and wonder how much longer I will have him with me; since my Mr. Fuzz died, Bud has been my cuddler. He sleeps in my bed and sits on my lap every night while I watch TV. I have a photo of Bud watching TV just as you have of Tiger. You can't believe the similarity...it's uncanny. I know you must miss her terribly; I can't stand the thought of Bud leaving me. Tiger was a beautiful girl. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Carole (with angels Ow, Bobby, Blackie, Socks, Rosebud, and my special Mr. Fuzz) Bud, Bear and Mandy.
Hi Mike,
I'm really sorry for your loss. We lost a precious furry girl on Friday, so we know what a hard time you're having now. We're sending hugs. I checked out your online tribute to Tiger and really enjoyed it! She's pretty much the twin of my 4 year old girl, Creature. : ) I think you got the cuddly version, though. Creatchy is not cuddly with us, usually, but she DOES like to play and cuddle with her kitten brother, Frankie. Anyway, I can see that your Tiger was very much loved and that she knew it! There are obviously a lot of people and pets that miss her. I'm glad she had a good life with you. That time is always too short, but I will always feel that life is better knowing and loving our pets than it would be without them.
Take care! I'm sure the memorial service will be a comfort to you when Tiger comes home.
Purrs and hugs,
Deb, Punkin, Creatchy, Frankie, and Angel Misty
Tiger looks like my Yankee! What a beautiful girl! Remember the good times and all the love you gave each other and continue to share.
Blessings - Patti
I loved Tiger's pics & especially her obituary. It was lovely, touching, & hilarious at the same time!
I hope you're doing well.
Dear Mike,
What a truly gorgeous memorial to Tiger. It is very inspirational and Tiger was a stunning girl. Yes, I too have a cat that is the spit of Tiger. He is one of Demi's two remaining sons ,Taybor and Bo looks just like his sister Zoe with the white underchin. Thanks for the photos!
Hi Mike-
I had the privilege to have read your website regarding Tiger. You know, after all these years of knowing you, I guess I never really quite understood how much Tiger meant to you. I realize now that she really was an important part of your life and was in fact a loving part of your family. Our sympathy goes out to you.
Dennis & Family
Hi Mike
I just opened my email for the first time since Friday. I am SO sorry to hear about Tiger. That was so nice the obituary that you did for her.
I sent it to Kristin and Vanessa.
Talk to you soon. I hope Bo is doing okay.

Tiger & Bo Adult Pictures
Tiger & Bo Kitten Pictures
Tiger's Tributes & Condolences
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